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Support for children's social and psychological rehabilitation center

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Today more than ever, children need our attention and support. Life in the war causes much stress for everyone, but children go through it harder. A social and psychological rehabilitation center operates for children without parents' care in Chernihiv.

The rehabilitation center has been operating since December 2012. Before that, it worked as an orphanage. The center can take care of simultaneously up to 40 children aged 3 to 18 years. Since the center's establishment, about 450 children have stayed in it. The center accommodates children from families in difficult life circumstances - the parents cannot provide proper care for the child for any reason, avoid fulfilling parental duties, or take alcohol or drugs. The children stay in the institution during the period of their rehabilitation. The teachers of the center take care of the children. They are engaged in their education, training, and growth. They are constantly working on expanding the range of assistance to children. Art and sand therapy, dance gymnastics, group classes, and games help the center's children adapt. For more than four years, the center has a group working with parents of children staying in the institution. The center strives to create comfortable and favorable conditions for the return of children to their families. Ensures that children are in appropriate care after returning from the center and continues to be in touch and provide support for children if needed. The rehabilitation center also opened a day group for the comfort of children. In this group, specialists of the center care for children without needing to stay in all day.

With the war, more and more children are left without parents’ care. The family is the nation's cradle, where future generations are grown. We cannot stand aside when a child is left without parental education and proper care.

Love and care will help them to adapt, continue life, and create a future! Today the center needs our help in products of hygiene, children's clothes and shoes, stationery, sports equipment and medicines which are necessary for the treatment of children from seasonal colds or allergies and to provide treatment for children who were under neglectful care. All of these items are needed on a regular basis. Providing the center with essential items and medicines is the least we can do to help.

Do not be indifferent and join the project to help the children's center of social and psychological rehabilitation in the Chernihiv region. Let's worry about the future together! Let's help children!



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