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Support to the Hostomel territorial community and restoring social infrastructure

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Hostomel! When you hear, read, or see it – terrible pictures arise in your mind – the destroyed buildings, houses, shootings, bombings, the bombed and burning "Mriya" aircraft. But Hostomel is not about a single town. It is about a united territorial community, which includes the village of Hostomel and the villages such as Ozera, Moschun, and Horenka.

The association had plans for development and growth because of its proximity to the capital and eco location: new buildings, renovated schools, and kindergartens. But, at 04:00 a.m. of 24 February 2022, russians started to bomb. Someone was already in the car and pushed the gas to save this family, someone tried to gather themselves, and someone went to defend their homeland. The war brought terrible destruction to every village of the territorial community. It is easier to count intact houses than damaged or destroyed ones.

The forces of the russian army inflicted many devastating hits on the civilian infrastructure, shelled schools, hospitals, and residential buildings. After the liberation of the territories, many residents returned to their homes, and life started to revive. But this is a complicated process. After all, there is so much damage from the russians' vandalism.

As a charitable foundation, we aimed to support recovery and reconstruction in the territorial community. We will direct aid to restore civilian objects - hospitals, dispensaries, and children's educational institutions.

It is necessary to re-equip facilities with furniture, professional equipment, office equipment, computers, and medical equipment, to ensure uninterrupted operation of electricity returned to the villages. People from front-line cities and occupied territories have found refuge here. The population is growing, so it is necessary to equip all social facilities.

Support the restoration project of the Gostomel territorial community. Go to the HELP page (press the button in the upper right corner) and choose a convenient method of transferring funds. Give support and warmth to the affected Ukrainians. We will restore Ukraine - city by city!



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