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For every life. Help project for «Hospitallers» Battalion

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Every day our people die in this war. Each day up to 200 soldiers and up 100 civilians, according to unofficial data. Indescribable sorrow forges a heart after each lost life. And how many wounded and maimed remain?! Military medics, paramedics, and volunteers from the medical battalion assist injured comrades. First aid must be provided continuously to soldiers during combat. And how many civilians are under artillery and air bombardment! Our heroical medics rescue the wounded from the shellings after air strikes, pull civilians from the rubble due and then transport them to the hospital. Every minute with risk for their life!

The “Hospitallers'' Battalion was founded in 2014 during the war in Eastern Ukraine. It is nonindifferent volunteers who aim to help all victims from war - to the soldiery and civil citizens. They are always on the front line. The fight is still ongoing, and they are already receiving information about injured soldiers and requests for help from civilians. Under the bullets, they go to the place, put on a tourniquet, do everything necessary to save life, pull out from shelling and take out the wounded. And return. All day and night, they stand on the rescue of lives. "For every life" -the slogan and thoughts of each hospitaller.

Every day of the war, the situation is not changing in our favor. During the day, a fully equipped car and a hospitaller can be left with nothing. And the war is going on, and help to the soldiers must be provided urgently. The price for each delay is too high. Loss of time means loss of life. To continue assisting and save the lives of all victims at the front line battalion needs:

· IPad AED Defibrillators

· HEACO G3H patient monitors

· Laser surgical coagulator (Diode laser Swing) 1470 / 1940nm

· Portable oxygen devices RescuPAC 2DM

· Portable medical aspirators NEW ASKIR 230 / 12V BR, RE-310211.

· Portable bridle GE LOGIQ V2

· Infusion heaters qw3 infusion heater

The Battalion “Hospitallers” are volunteers and not supported by the government. Everything that the “Hospitallers” have now and was provided by donations from non-indifferent and volunteers. And now we have to help. Equipment must be constantly filled up, as something breaking and something was lost during shelling and fights.

We have no right to leave wounded. Our defenders give us a peaceful sky, protect us from the invasion of the russian. We will rebuild Ukraine with the rescued civilians. We must stand up for everyone. Life is an incredible value!

Join us to help the medical Battalion "Hospitallers"! Let's help save lives together!



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