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Who we are

The war in Ukraine started on 24th of February 2022 and affected all citizens and people around the world. Made us look into the eyes of fear, helplessness and uncertainty. Ukraine should be rebuilt, people need to restore their homes and infrastructure, children need help and support. Believing in a better future for our country and all Ukrainians, the Charity Foundation “FUTURE WITH BEES” was established to restore and help.

Let's restore Ukraine together!
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We are those who are in love with the sky, with big hearts and ambitions for the development of aviation and tourism in Ukraine. We are a team of "Bees Airline". The fate of our country is important for us. We could not stay away. Everyone helped on their front. But we decided to join forces in charity Foundation “FUTURE WITH BEES” to help all victims of this war and everyone who is needed.

Based on our main mission – to assist by all possible means in restoring and reconstruction of Ukraine, we will move on in following areas:

1. Restoring of aviation and civil infrastructure facilities;

2. Assistance to communities and cities by their request;

3. Assistance to orphanages;

4. Restoring of damaged schools;

5. Purchase and delivery of medicines and medical equipment to hospitals;

6. Organization for children and victims of hostilities the rehabilitation trips at summer camps, rehabilitation programs, etc.;

7. Organization and support of treatment for sick and wounded in medical institutions in Ukraine and the World.

The Fund for support and assistance in reconstruction of Ukraine was established by Yevhenii Khainatskyi. Whole his life is connected with aviation and tourism. For more than 20 years ago his working path and experience began as a network route manager at Aerosvit. Today he is the CEO of Bees Airline. All projects which he participated in were successful from creation and during all stages of development. With his ideas and desire to create unique projects were founded travel company Style Avia, SkyUP Airlines and Bees Airline. Travel company Style Avia united tour operators and Ukrainian air carriers. Company have ordered many charter flights. Airline projects SkyUp and Bees are as innovation in Ukrainian market, they both first country's low-cost carriers.

Creating new businesses and successfully developing them, he helped to develop not only the aviation and tourism industries, but economy of Ukraine in general. In difficult and critical moments for Ukraine and all world he was newer aside. His sincere soul desired to help. Yevhenii was the first who reacted to the necessity of evacuation of people from Wuhan (China) during the pandemic of Covid - 19, planned and realized all rescue processes. With his participation was organized a series of humanitarian freight. He was penetrated by a catastrophe from fires in Greece in August 2021 and responded to the necessity to deliver the Ukrainian fire brigade to Athens.

And today, at such a difficult time for everyone Ukrainian, he cannot stay away. Yevhenii seeks ways to help Ukraine by pooling all his resources and uniting his friends, colleagues and partners!

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