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Provision of essential medicines and equipment to the hospital in the Zhytomyr region

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

With the start of a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, many Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes and search for safety. They evacuated almost from everywhere - Chernihiv, Sumy, Donbass, Kherson, Kharkiv and Kyiv.


Due to its geographical location, the Zhytomyr region is the biggest transport hub in Ukraine. Major highways pass through Zhytomyr and the region. They connect Eastern Ukraine with Western Ukraine, leading to Poland, Germany, France, Moldova, and Romania. Zhytomyr also has one of the largest railway junctions. In these distressing and difficult days, Zhytomyr became a temporary and, for some, permanent shelter.

Hospitals in the Zhytomyr region are constantly providing treatment to injured and wounded citizens and our defenders. Ongoing war ruins our country and lives of Ukrainians. More than 96,000 internally displaced persons are registered in the Zhytomyr Region. This number continuously increases.

Hospitals provide treatments for increased numbers of citizens. Wounded soldiers receive treatment in addition to civilians. The number of requests exceeds the stocks and capabilities of the V.P. Pavlusenko hospital No2 in Zhytomyr. The following medicines are urgently needed regularly:

● ketorolac

● dexketoprofen,

● norepinephrine,

● dobutamine,

● saline solutions,

● pantoprazole,

● enoxaparin,

● ceftriaxone,

● internal input systems.

Also, the following equipment is required to ensure continuous hospital care

• flexible surgical ureteronephroscope,

• mini PNL nephroscope with a set of AMPLATS expanders,

• unchipped laser lithotripter,

• standard coronary conductors and PT2 conductors,

• standard conductive catheter,

• Dex Teretti diagnostic catheter

• and a multifunctional diagnostic catheter for catheterization of the right and left

coronary arteries.

These medicines and equipment will help our wounded defenders and evacuated citizens continue treatment and receive emergency care.

The saved lives of each Ukrainian soldier are gratitude for their bravery, for our sunrises and quiet evenings. It is faith in our victory and peace in Ukraine and worldwide. The saved lives of civilians are the confidence that tomorrow will come, that life will continue, and that we have the power to change it for the better.

Join the project to help the V.P. Pavlusenka Hospital №2 in Zhytomyr ! Let's help to save the lives of Ukrainians!



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