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Joint assistance to a children's center in Chernihiv Oblast

Childrens' smiles, joy in their eyes, their dreams and hopes - are the most powerful forces that help us move to victory, to a better future. They give us the strength and confidence to move forward.

Sincere children's emotions touch the heart. It is inspiring to see children's joy, to hear the ringing laugh, and to see gratitude, interest, hope, and kindness in their eyes. All this filled us with pride and made us certain that we are on the right way.

Together with partners CF "Lviv Lions Club" we handed to the Chernihiv region's social and psychological rehabilitation center medicines, children's clothes, shoes, toys, and means of hygiene.

Their shy "Thank You", cute smile, openhated inspired us to continue our support. And today we did one small step in it. Children need more of our support. All details about this project via the link

You can join the project. A drop of your goodness will be reflected as love and kindness in the eyes of these children. And once again prove that goodness lives in the heart of each of us.

Together we are moving to our peaceful and great future.



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