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We help doctors in the daily defense of our health and life

In the new year, we continued to support our charity projects. During the first days of January 2023, we started fundraising for medicines and supplies. Thanks to your support and help, we have quickly closed it and handed over all essentials to the hospital named after V.P. Pavlusenko in Zhytomyr. We appreciate our partners from the Plarium company and those who joined the project.

The first part of the aid consisted of the following:

  • medical materials;

  • dressing materials;

  • glikosteril.

The second part included medicine products:

  • ketorolac;

  • dexketoprofen;

  • pantoprazole;

  • L-lysine aescinate.

All listed above are very necessary for the continuous operation of the hospital. Planned and urgent surgical interventions, life-saving and disease prevention – many of these and similar applications are received daily at hospital No2 in Zhytomyr.

Thanks to your donations, we can provide the hospital with all necessary medicines and equipment and maintain its constant operation.

Fundraising is ongoing on a regular base for the needs of the hospital. Go to the DONATE page and choose a convenient way to donate. Let’s support the hospital named after V.P. Pavlusenko in Zhytomyr!


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