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To save lives at the front line: to support paramedics, we purchased occlusive bandages etc

Friends, thanks to your help, we were able to purchase and hand over urgently needed equipment for the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion. Your help and support are significant. It was only the first part bought and transferred to paramedics. The fundraising is still ongoing. To close the need, we still need 140,000.00 UAH.

Occlusive bandages and decompression needles are means of first aid, and paramedics use them for wounded defenders and civilians at the front. And the heater of infusion solutions maintains the necessary blood temperature of the victims and the necessary solutions for urgent surgical interventions.

Each of your help and support, each transferred hryvnia means more purchased first aid means - saved lives.

Join the support of the "Hospitaliers" project. Become an invisible savior at the front.



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