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The mission of caring for children: our support of the orphanage in Nizhyn

We continue our care of the orphanage in Nizhyn which is in the Chernihiv region. It is vital to provide high-quality and appropriate conditions for children’s living, studying, and all-round development.

During our last visit to the orphanage, we handed over clothes, shoes, toys, and medicines.

We want to extend our gratitude for support from Mitsubishi Corporation in purchasing much-needed medicaments for the orphanage. The pain relievers, anti-colds, anti-nausea, sedatives, band-aids, and other basic medicaments provided will help caregivers take care of children's health.

Mitsubishi Corporation's participation in helping children shows great commitment and a conscious corporate culture. It's a pleasure to recognize that big corporations care about the needy and the youngest members of society. Changing the situation in the country for the better is truly inspiring. Their contribution reflects not only corporate responsibility but also a deep compassion for those less fortunate.

Together with partners such as Mitsubishi Corporation, we believe in creating a bright future for these children. Concerned about their well-being, education, and development today, we motivate the formation of a progressive, innovative, and developed society.

The project of supporting children's orphanages and centers is ongoing. It is important to provide continuous care to meet the children’s needs. We encourage everyone to join and support charitable projects supporting children with a donation.



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