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Providing support and help to Stepankivske village (handing over furniture, medicaments and clothes)

We visited the Stepankivske village in the Cherkasy region.

From the first days of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine until now, the community has sheltered many people from different Ukrainian cities who were forced to leave their homes, support residents, and protects us along the front line. To meet the needs of Ukrainian defenders and all those in dire need of medical supplies, we have handed over dressing materials of different sizes and antiviral medicaments.

There are several circles of children's creativity for better growth. It is crucial to support and develop children's talents; to distract them from violent events and attacks of the aggressor. That is why we handed over furniture and equipment for children's creative circles in the Stepankivskiy village. This will improve the conditions of children's stay.

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Stay together!

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