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Support to orphanage centers and educational institutions

We continue the important and necessary work in supporting and providing children's centers with all essentials. Thanks to your donations and support, we helped the Children’s Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation in Cherkasy.

To cover the needs of this center, we handed over the following:

  • clothes for children;

  • toys;

  • coloring books and pencils;

  • children's toothbrushes;

  • hygiene products (toothpaste, soap, paper towels, paper napkins)

We want to thank the Ukrainian-German community in the Karlsruhe for supporting orphanages and educational institutions. More than 40 children in Cherkasy region's children's center are left without families or appear in difficult life circumstances. It is necessary to continue helping kids and making them happy every day.

Help ensure the needs of children and their comfortable stay in the children's center. Follow DONATE page and donate conveniently.



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