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Support for paramedics continues. Delivery of medicines on New Year's Eve

Updated: Mar 4

It is our ongoing project to support paramedics. Every time we receive different requests to close their needs. This time, we handed over the occlusive dressings, which were so needed by the paramedics from the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion. Occlusions are saving lives of wounded civilians and our defenders.

We are grateful to everyone who joined and supported the fundraising to purchase medical equipment.

On New Year's Eve, we handed over occlusive bandages to paramedics. However, this is not our last help for them. The war in Ukraine continues. Hospitalists need a constant supply of medicines to continue rescuing the wounded. Join a fundraiser to support paramedics. Follow the DONATE page and contribute to saving lives.

For the sake of every life, support the medical battalion.



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