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Support for hospitalists is lives saved: one more package of support to the paramedics

We have revisited our superheroes. Thanks to your support, we were able to hand over decompression needles and occlusive dressings to paramedics from the "Hospitaliers" battalion.

The work of paramedics is non-stop. They continue to save the lives of the wounded. They rescue and provide support to every victim on the front line. And we support them together.

With words of gratitude, we received a request for other vital medicines and medical supplies:

- tourniquets CAT, SAM xt, SICH, SOFT, abdominal tourniquet;

- bandages 8,12;

- CELOX hemostatic gauze;

- lubricant in tubes;

- nasopharyngeal airways (NPA size 28-32);

- occlusive dressing HALO, HyFin...;

- decompression needles;

- tires Sam Splint, Sam Pelvic, Sam jt, soft stretchers;

- Schanz collars;

- burn dressing of different sizes (large);

- military first aid kit tactical bags;

- tactical medical backpacks.

Fundraising for essentials for the medical battalion is ongoing. Everyone can participate in saving lives. Click on the "DONATE" button at the top of the page and make your contribution.

Support “Hospitalists” - save the life of the wounded!



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