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Support and help to provide the hospital in Zhytomyr with all essentials

We are reporting about one more transferred package of medicine materials for the hospital named after V.P. Pavlusenko in Zhytomyr. This package included dressing materials of various sizes, disposable protective gowns, and hygiene products.

The project of supporting the hospital in Zhytomyr and providing doctors with the necessary medicines and tools for work is permanent. Depending on the hospital’s needs, we form and provide everything for their daily work.

To arrange the next package of support to the hospital, we have to collect UAH 47,000.00. This amount will go to purchase medicines - ketorolac, dexketoprofen, pantoprazole, and L-lysine esciatate. Join this project to support the hospital. Help them to care for the citizen’s health and to save lives. You can express gratitude for their daily work and donate to bank card 5169 3351 0064 1253 or in another convenient way. For more information on how to donate, click on the button in the upper right corner of the page and follow the DONATE page.

We express our sincere gratitude and deep respect to all doctors for their tiring, stressful, difficult daily work. Step by step to victory and a prosperous future!

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