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Saving lives: we handed over first aid equipment to paramedics "Hospitaliers"

We continue to provide our help to the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion. We purchased decompression needles and occlusive bandages. Paramedics can save the lives of civilians and Ukrainian defenders across the front line with the help of these tools.

The need for first aid equipment is constant. After just one call to the significant fighting zone, a fully equipped paramedic can be left without rescue equipment. During the day, there are several calls. Hospitaliers don’t drag the decision. The shelling is still going; they are taking out the wounded, resupplying, and returning to rescue the others.

We support the paramedics "Hospitaliers" and continue fundraising for the necessary equipment for the rescuers' kit. Join the fundraiser via DONATE page. It is possible to donate by card online or using bank details. Each cent collects in the opportunity to save one more life. Your support is essential; every donation is critical in purchasing the next equipment pack.

Join the support of the paramedics "Hospitaliers"! We move forward for every life!



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