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Saving lives does not stop - Hospitaliery

We’ll never get tired to remind about the importance of paramedics' job. They continue to work in the hot zone, under bullets and constant bombardment.

They save the lives of wounded civilians and Ukrainian defenders. Anti-burn bandages, bandages, occluders and tourniquets, this and more are needed by paramedics on a daily basis.

This time, we handed over to the "Hospitaliers" battalion sets for intraosseous access, bandages, tourniquets, anti-burn and occlusive dressings,

We urge you to support combat medics and donate to purchase the means for life-saving. Join the fundraising and donate on the card 5169 3351 0064 1253 or by bank details. Follow the DONATE page and choose a convenient way to support the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion. Do not remain indifferent!



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