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Save lives - ensure paramedics with essential medical equipment

It’s important to continue nonstop support to paramedics. They save the lives of defenders and civilians along the front line, in active hot zones.

Up on the request of the "Hospitallers", we purchased and handed over:

  • occlusive patches,

  • bandages to stop bleeding "Israel 4" and "Israel 6",

  • anti-burn napkins,

  • flexible tires,

  • neck collars

  • turnstiles of SIC

Aiding the wounded under enemy fire is always tricky and unpredictable because everything depends on the tactical situation.

The project of providing support to “Hospitallers” is constant. Requests for medicine and supplies vary depending on current needs and the situation at the front. While warfare continues and there are wounded, we must help paramedics save lives. Join the rescue - go to the DONATE page and donate for life.

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