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Results the job done by Charity Foundation

Friends, we share with you the results of our work. Yes, for this time, we believe that we have already become friends. Open-hearted, faithful, friendly like-minded people it is all about friends. You are like that. Non-indifferent to troubles and needs of other people and respond to a request for help with an open heart. So, yes, we are Friends.

Already in a short period of the “FUTURE WITH BEES” operations, we helped children in the rehabilitation center and hospital No 2 in Zhytomyr. We handed toys, hygiene products, stationery, medicines, children's clothes and shoes to the center of social and psychological rehabilitation. And to hospital No2 in Zhytomyr, we provided anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cardiovascular, antithrombotic, antibacterial, and other medicines.

We continue the fundraising for the reconstruction of the school in Mykhailo-Kotsyubynskyi village and assistance to the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion.

With your support and help 🙌 we could do all that. We are creating opportunities for our future development with our own hands ❕ There are no opportunities where we haven’t built them ourselves.

It is just the start of our work toward a better future. Join us and help us recover together!



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