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Regular support to paramedics from the medical battalion "Hospitaliers”

Updated: May 22, 2023

We are grateful to everyone who joined and supported paramedics in saving the lives of our defenders and Ukrainian civilians under enemy fire.

This time we prepared and handed over to the Hospitallers for their needs:

  • nasopharyngeal airways;

  • anti-burn dresses;

  • anti-burn gel wipes;

  • turnstiles;

  • flexible tires;

  • occlusive dressings;

  • decompression needles;

And also Motanka dolls - charms for paramedics - from Alla Kondramashina.

We are working on our soonest victory and want everyone to return home! We are firm in unity. Each donation is an opportunity to buy more tourniquets, tires, bandages, and other medical means to save lives. Join fundraising to support paramedics. Follow the DONATE page and choose the best way to contribute!

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