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Reconstruction of educational institutions in territories that suffered during the occupation by the aggressor's troops

Education is important! That is why the enemy tried to destroy and pillage all educational institutions during the occupation of territories. The Ivankiv territorial community was one of the first. Rozvazhiv school was attacked by the enemy.

To equip the computer class, we handed over monitors, processors, keyboards, and mice.

We are grateful to the Ukrainian-German community "Ukrainians in Karlsruhe" and Mrs. Halyna Kulska for their help and donated computers. The partners’ support, their understanding of the importance of proper education for children, and the need to restore the educational process are essential to us. Equipping the computer classroom will allow children to deepen their knowledge and make the educational process more exciting.

We appreciate the attention of foreign partners and organizations to the problems of educational institutions in Ukraine and their help in solving these issues. After all, this will give more children the opportunity to receive quality education and in the future to grow up to be high-class citizens.

Unfortunately, many schools and educational institutions were damaged and destroyed. We have no right to leave children without access to education. We ask everyone who cares to join the process of restoring schools. Each donation is important and will help improve the quality of children's education! Together, we will move towards a better future!



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