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Providing help and fun to children

Gray autumn days demand bright colors and fun. Again we are at the rehabilitation center for children to hand over toys, clothes, and building materials to improve their living conditions. But we also wanted to present them with fun. The "ART-DYVOGRAY" team supported our idea. Animators engaged children in the curious adventures of Aibolit.

Just look at how passionately they watch the performance and participate.

We want to thank for your continuous support of the children's center of social and psychological rehabilitation and all our other projects. The school year is ahead, and a lot of exciting adventures and time for fun. Join the fundraising to support the rehabilitation center for children in the Chernihiv region - press "HELP" at the top of the page. All the details of our projects are on the page "PROJECTS”.

Remember that Each cent is essential and collected in the sum to purchase warm clothing, school supplies, toys, and hygiene products. A small and affordable amount for you can become decisive and final for buying necessary things.

Give children a smile and the opportunity to learn, dream, and create. Join the initiative to help the socio-psychological center for children's rehabilitation in Chernihiv Oblast. Let's create a better future for Ukraine for our children!



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