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One more part of the consignment for paramedics in St Nicholas Day

It is crucial to assist on an ongoing basis in our charity projects. Almost all requests from paramedics are for single-use medicine and medical items, which run out quickly. Renewing them constantly in a paramedic’s first aid kit is vital. Each from the list below saves the life of the wounded:

  • occlusive dressings

  • tourniquet

  • flexible tires

  • hemostatic bandages

  • "McKesson" sachet lubricants

  • nasopharyngeal airways (ventilating tube)

This year we didn’t celebrate made presents on St. Nicholas Day. This day, we visited the paramedics from the "Hospitaliers" medical battalion. We handed over some sweets to make pleasure and medicines to save the injured on the battlefield.

A well there were drawings from the children. In such way, kids say thanks for the daily hard and dangerous work the guys do.

We thank our partners Plarium and Idea Travel Solution, for their constant support of the project to help the medical battalion "Hospitaliers".

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