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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

On the outbreak of the war many spheres require support. We received the request from the hospital and invite you to join the project.

V.P. Pavlusenko hospital №2 in Zhytomyr needs our help. This is one of those medical institutions that has become a center for continuous emergency care. Doctors heroically save the lives of our soldiers and help the injured citizens. Due to the large number of internally displaced persons and defenders who need urgent treatment, the hospital is overloaded. It has the urgent need for medicines and equipment. Acute deficiency in analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, cardiovascular and antithrombotic. Lack of sufficient equipment with increasing requests for treatment causes delays and queues.

Doctors are fighting for every life. They need our help and provision of everything they required. The war ruthlessly takes and destroys lives of many people, but our doctors oppose it by holding the rearward of our defenders and save the biggest value - life.

Join the Aid Project of V.P. Pavlusenko hospital №2 in Zhytomyr!

Help to save the lives of Ukrainians



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