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Hospital support

Friends, colleagues, partners, and everyone who cares! You always inspire and give us strength to move on. Today we report support for hospital No. 2 in Zhytomyr. We handed over necessary medical and hygiene supplies. And a present from Bees Airline, an airplane, is a reminder that we will fly soon. We thank "Plarium Kyiv" for joining this project.

We are grateful to our doctors, who save lives day and night, despite fatigue and exhaustion. They are always ready to help. Together with you, we were able to support the doctors of Zhytomyr Hospital No. 2. We purchased the necessary medicaments and hygiene products. The hospital constantly needs medicines. Unfortunately, with the war, the number of people needing help in Zhytomyr is increasing daily.

We will continue to help them! During the war and hard times, supporting each other is so important. You can join this project and donate via the bank details by clicking the "Donate" button at the top of the page.

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