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Fundraising for a drone for an intelligence unit. Help the defenders to hold the defense!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Ongoing fundraising for drone DJI MAVIC 3T. The guys from the intelligence unit defending Bakhmut quite need it.

Our goal is to collect 200,000.00UAH (5470.00USD). At the moment, we already have 100,000.00UAH (2730.00USD). We need to push more, so get involved and help protect Ukraine.

Drones are wings and eyes for defenders. This drone has a high-quality camera that provides visual and thermal images. Obstacle-avoidance sensors and improved navigation provide collision-free flights. Thanks to the RTK module, the guys will receive higher-quality cartography data.

We can’t be divided in purpose or separate in interest. We would stand together until the victory! Follow the DONATE page and choose a convenient way to transfer funds - online or via bank details. Please, indicate the “for drone”. Every hryvnia will go towards purchasing a drone for an intelligence division. Let's keep the defense together!

UPD: We are grateful to everyone who joined this fundraising! We finally gathered required amount. And soon we'll make new post where we handed over drone to our defenders.



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