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War takes the most valuable - life! Hundreds of our defenders and civilians are injured. We are all united not only to win the war but also to protect each other.

Volunteers from the medical battalion “Hospitallers” save the lives of everyone on the front line - civilians and soldiers. With the risk of their lives, they have continued to help our defenders since 2014. From its foundation, Battalion has been supported by volunteer organizations and Ukrainians. But with a full-scale war in Ukraine, provision is critical. Work in hot zones is given in signs. Cars with medics and equipment come under shelling. War destroys everything. But our strong and indomitable hospital staff are doing their job. During the battle, they have to reach the wounded, provide first aid, take them to the hospital and return. They stand for our lives together with our defenders.

In unity, there is power and strength of the Ukrainian people. We continue our way hand by hand to victory. We appreciate and care for everyone. Today we continue to help those who are in need. United for the common goal of living in a peaceful Ukraine, we must help the “Hospitallers” Battalion.

We ask you to join the “Hospitallers” assistance project. Let's help save lives together!



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