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Education during wartime and why supporting schools is so important?

In the family of each Ukrainian, great attention is paid to education and its quality. Ukrainians are known worldwide for their highly qualified specialists in various fields.

Even from childhood, pupils are given the opportunity for comprehensive development to make them quickly adaptable in their youth and adult life and have abilities in various fields. In such a way, we grow and develop a self-identical conscious nation.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, educational institutions throughout the territory of Ukraine significantly suffered. Due to their structure, most front-line cities, schools, and universities work as shelters as well. Due to the wild desire of the russians to destroy the culture, education of the nation, and history of Ukraine, they continue to shoot rockets into our schools and universities.

We understand the importance of education in everyone's life. Studying continues even in such a difficult time. Wholly or partially destroyed educational institutions are being actively rebuilt and equipped with everything necessary for education.

Thanks to our partners, the German-Ukrainian Society "Ukrainians in Karlsruhe" (Germany), we can support educational institutions and help with equipment. Last year, we handed over computer monitors and processors to the school in the Mykhailo-Kotsyubynskyi village. This year, together with "Ukrainians in Karlsruhe" and the company in the city of Karlsruhe, AfB social & green IT, we continue to equip the school in Mykhailo-Kotsyubinsky and initiated help to educational institutions of the Gostomel territorial community. Also, we handed over laptops for the computer class and multimedia study rooms to the school in the village of Ozera.

Since the first day of the war, the "Ukrainians in Karlsruhe" association has been actively helping displaced persons who found refuge in Germany and their native Ukraine. Tons of medical equipment, medicines, food products, clothes, hygiene products, ambulances, and office equipment for schools, higher educational institutions of Ukraine, and even for the Chornobyl nuclear power plant during the 385 days of the active phase of the 9-year war in Ukraine, were packed by volunteers and sent to Ukraine.

Also, the Society "Ukrainians in Karlsruhe" actively supports the cultural front, holding many events to support and popularize Ukrainian culture, traditions, and language.

We appreciate the support of our partners from Germany!

Children’s quality education is crucial for forming a progressive and conscious nation. And during the war, educational projects face many obstacles: shelling, attacks, air raids, sirens, blackouts, and heating failures. Add to all these daily stressful conditions, and we’ll be losing children's interest in learning in a few steps. Therefore, we make efforts to equip schools under our charity projects with computer equipment to expand and diversify children's education and support their thirst for knowledge.

In addition, we plan to expand support and help schools in the Ivankiv Territorial Community. Up to 27 institutions and educational institutions are in the community's territory. From the first days of the war, cities and villages from the Ivankiv Territorial Community were under occupation. Due to the enemy's actions and bombing, five schools suffered. The rest of the institutions suffered from vandalism. We must equip schools and educational institutions with computer and multimedia equipment.

We work to preserve the quality of education of Ukrainians. Let’s move together to victory and a prosperous Ukraine future.



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